Sightseeing, Melnik - history and architecture

During your stay at the Slavova Krepost Hotel, you can visit:
“Rozhen” Monastery - located 7 km. from Melnik. It is the largest monastery in the Pirin Region and one of the few medieval Bulgarian monasteries, relatively well preserved until present times.
“St. George” Church in the Zlatolist village, about 15 km. from Melnik. There you can enjoy the art of wall paintings, made over 200 years ago. A 1000 years old sycamore tree grows in the churchyard. Once the church used to be the home of the Bulgarian prophetess Prepodobna Stoina.
Rupite – the home of Vanga. Situated 15 km. from Melnik, the region is listed in the “100 National Tourists Landmarks”, together with the "Saint Petka Bulgarian” Church, built by the Bulgarian prophetess Vanga and the “Samuil” Fortress.
Fortress “Alexi Slav Despot”. Dating back from the XI century, the fortress is the oldest massive military installation in the town, erected by Despot Alexius Slav, who ruled the region at that time.
Church of St. Nicholay Miracle Worker - pontifical temple, which construction started in the XIII century and extended to XVI century. It is located on the hill opposite to the hotel.
Place “St. Zone” – a monastery, founded by Despot Alexius Slav at the beginning of XIII century, chartered with special privileges in 1220. Later it became a convent of the Vatopedski Monastery on Mount Athos.
Eco-path, connecting Melnik, the village of Zlatolist and the “Rozhen” Monastery. Both group and individual routed can be organized along that path.