Tavern in the Hotel Slavova Krepost - Melnik

The tavern in “Slavova Krepost” Hotel has two salons, 32 seats each, and a summer terrace, revealing wonderful panoramic view of beautiful Melnik.

The entire interior of the restaurant is completed in wood and stone. Cool in the summer and cozy by the fireplace during the winter months, in the restaurant you will feel comfortable and relaxed, regardless of whether you are alone, with a close person, or in a large company.

The tempting dishes from the old books will complement and enhance the aroma and taste of the famous Melnik wine, the favorite drink of Sir William Churchill, who had used to order it personally from the wine cellars of Melnik. But our wine cellar is directly connected to the restaurant, so the wine is at your fingertips.

If you look forward to escaping from everyday stress, if you want to give yourself and the ones you love a bunch of beautiful moments of peace, or if you’d like to have fun with your favorite company - the restaurant of the hotel will provide you with delicious and unforgettable moments.