The wine cellar of the Hotel Slavova Krepost - Melnik

Wine is magic, Melnik is a fascination, and “Slavova Krepost” Hotel combines both. The feeling of joy and serenity is supplemented by the aroma of the traditional Melnik wine – popular to both amateurs and experts with its unmatched lightweight taste, rich bouquet of flavors and specific aroma of nature, uniqueness and natural ingredients. Enjoy it.

The hotel has an old cellar of about 200 years. The cellar consists of three separate galleries, each having its own vent, providing permanent flow of fresh air.

With its constant average temperature of 14 degrees Celsius and natural ventilation, the cellar provides the necessary conditions for the cultivation and preservation of our famous Melnik wine, which you can taste straight from the barrels.

And the wine that quietly rests there for you is made solely from our own vineyards and by an old home technology, which is kept and transmitted through generations.